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Inspired by cutting-edge research, text message courses are fast and effective. Plus, learners absolutely love them.

Seamlessly build your own with a platform trusted by Fortune 500 companies and leading nonprofits alike.

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ssr纸飞机节点 电脑
ssr纸飞机节点 电脑


Most text message courses are 5 - 30 days long. Let's break down a typical course day, which usually takes just 5 minutes to complete:


Inspired by research from 纸飞机免费ssr节点and UPenn, text message courses are more accessible, effective, and easy-to-build than video, web, or app-based courses.

completion rate

Text message courses are a simple and proven teaching tool. Learners (especially Gen Z + millennials) love it.

time + money savings

Save time and money by making courses in minutes, not weeks. Authoring, publishing, and editing is as easy as writing a text.


With SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp integration, text message courses let you teach anywhere, no LMS needed.


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Course editor
Assessment tools
White-labelling and SSO
Enrollment + privacy


Create and publish courses in just a few clicks. Our robust content guides, case studies, and sample courses can help you get started.

The best part? All courses are fully adaptable, and can be edited after they're published.


Each Arist classroom includes detailed analytics, enabling a data-driven approach to text message course development and management. Gather responses and track user progress like never before.


Easily integrate text message learning with your existing tools. Everything comes white-labelled and, if needed, your classroom can easily integrate with your SSO and existing LMS.

Simple enrollment + cutting-edge privacy

Learners can quickly and securely connect their own phone number, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger to enroll in a course. Because we don't store or share the learner's contact info, Arist is GDPR and ISO compliant.


Get a 7-minute walkthrough of the Arist platform from our CEO.


Text message courses are used for everything from fitness coaching to teaching architectural history. See a few of our favorite use cases.
For Compliance
For Sales Enablement
For Onboarding
For Educators

Compliance with results.

Despite the importance of compliance training, students and employees often have a hard time finishing and retaining compliance content, creating unsafe environments.

Using Arist, cover everything from harassment prevention to federal regulations, all on an intimate medium in digestible, bite-sized chunks.

  • ssr小飞机节点会卡
    Easy to remember content
  • ssr免费飞机节点
    Enjoyable format
  • High completion rates
  • Accessible from anywhere

Customers change. Training should too.

Product features and customer needs change by the day, but training modules change by the month.

Deliver product and sales training that meets busy and distributed sales teams where they're at: on their phones. The best part? Instantly update content to fit evolving needs and features.
  • Update offerings instantly
  • Learn customer personas
  • Deploy trainings in hours
  • Teach remote sales reps

Learning that actually sticks.

We spend all of our time creating great content and learning workshops, seminars, and experiences. Unfortunately, employees will forget 50% of what they learn within the first hour.

Using spaced learning and micro-learning models, Arist is perfect for pre-work and post-work, helping employees remember the most effective content everytime.

  • Follow up with employees
  • ssr纸飞机节点 电脑
    Update in minutes
  • ssr小飞机二维码节点
    Survey instantly
  • Improve retention


The first day on the job can be stressful enough for employees as is. Learning company jargin, norms, and values can take weeks.

With Arist, help new employees hit the ground running, with insights on thriving in their new role delivered right to their phone.
  • Explain company norms
  • Define common terms
  • ssr纸飞机节点 电脑
    Identify key policies
  • 酸酸乳ssr网站
    Walk through web tools

Remote teaching is hard. We're here to make it easier.

Over 20% of students have limited internet at home or are smartphone dependent. For educators, this makes remote teaching even harder.

Teachers use Arist to text daily lessons and guidance to students, all in a compliant and safe manner. From vocabulary to problem sets, we have you covered.
  • ssr小飞机二维码节点
    Send interactive + accessible lessons
  • Give students a space to reflect
  • Add new content in real-time
  • Assess student knowledge in-text


From Harassment Prevention and Leadership to Compliance and History, text message courses are already transforming learning.
"I now have the skills I need to grow my business."
Using Arist, Jiwo Paro delivered financial literacy training to dozens of seamstresses throughout Kenya. Text message courses helped Sarah, a partially deaf seamstress, get the training she needs to succeed.
"The text message course made me more mindful at work, in just a text a day."
KGA, a leading HR firm, created a mindfulness course for employees. After 30 days, employees reported feeling calmer, happier, and more present both at work and at home.
“This took a fraction of the time - and my team loved it.”
Aquent created an intro to front end development for recruiters. The course received a 95% satisfaction score, and went from idea to delivery in just a few days.
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